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Air Vac Excavation

The most advanced vacuum excavation to date. Reduce environmental impacts and cut costs.

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Professional Residential and Commercial Services

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Saturday, Sunday & After Hours: Emergency Calls

First of a Kind

Go to Site and Stay on Site

Our advanced air excavators dump their dry excavated debris on site, reducing disposal costs, water supply & excessive travel.

The excavated material can also be utilized as backfill, reducing the cost of hauling it to site. These machines are the first of their kind in the area. When you’re ready to cut costs significantly and move forward with the most up to date equipment technology in the industry, NorWest has you covered.

Air Vac Specifications:

  • 20 % quieter than hydrovac units
  • 120 PSI air rating
  • 24,000 cfm vacuum system
  • 10 cubic metre debris bin
  • Rotary boom end to break up ground
High-Pressure Air Utilization

How Air Vac Excavation Works

Suction excavation uses high pressure air (120 psi) to break up the ground instead of water, like traditional hydrovac excavation. Once the ground is broken up, it is then sucked up through a 10″ boom-mounted vacuum hose with 24,000 cfm. Utilizing air eliminates the contamination of water to soil and therefore provides dry fill when dumped onsite. This eliminates the need for a water source, disposal costs and the need to bring in backfill material.

The air excavator dumps the material out of its 10 cubic meter debris bin by side dumping. The best projects considered for the use of air excavation are where the soils are loose and where water sources & disposal sites are not readily available. These machines are capable of rather large excavations and when the truck arrives at site, it is there to stay for the duration of the project.

Our air vac excavation services are best suited for:

  • Oil & gas facility project excavations
  • Integrity digs
  • Daylights & slot trenching
  • Major excavation where disposal facilities are not readily available
  • Substation projects
  • Finding & exposing underground utilities
  • Open cuts
  • Trench box excavation
  • Railway cleanup & ballast removal
  • Foundation repair excavation
Air Vac Excavation
We're There When You Need Us

When Disaster Strikes

NorWest Vac has knowledgeable team members available to assist our clients 24/7 during emergency situations. We’ll arrive at your site quickly and begin work immediately when faced with a time-sensitive issue. We are available for our clients whenever they need us.

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